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In a picturesque project, Burlesque Opera, which in a modern way is a "black comedy", people are fighting for a million dollars. Money and politics are like a paradigm of our world and the emotions of this battle are reflected on their faces using various styles from contemporary Art (realism, surrealism, expressionism, abstraction and cubism). Instead of the rhythm of music and action, I offer rhythms from the arsenal of the fine arts. Portraits of different styles, in which the characters and the inner world of people are guessed, create additional in-depth images that correlate with the global development of contemporary Art. Essentially, these portraits are the actors in my production. Real people in everyday life often use various decent masks and masks to carefully hide their inner world. My portraits ruthlessly tear off these veils and splash out emotions, sometimes openly angry and hostile or cunning and flattering, or full of inner self-control and dignity. Images of all portraits are people who surrounded me in real and virtual space, surround me now and will amaze my imagination for a long time not only in a cramped space, but throughout the planet. All works are original, handwritten with the name of the project "Million Dollars" at the top of the sheet, and at the bottom of the page is my "kudstudio" logo, which in this project is my original signature. The project consists of 300 works of A4 format, acrylic, paper.

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100 Artworks

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