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Series of abstract works, medium and large format. Mixed media (canvas, ink, acrylic, glue, cotton, pigments, sewing) Questioning - The limits of the observable, of a presence of the world, of the way to inhabit it. The trace is the notion. Traces... in the memory, which create configurations, remains, moments lived, places frequented, faces met. Then the trace as a drawn line, as a line, as a chromatic element or plastic fragment. To accentuate the inner experience of the lived world. It is a neo-expressionist conception that wants to be indecisive, between abstraction and figurative elements, just like the material of memories. All nature is subject to transformation, so is all research. I wish to transform, confront and mix materials. I sew the canvas to reinforce its presence, a gesture of a personal, feminine emotion. "To go beyond, I ask "only" to impregnate myself. This transformation is everyone's quest.

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24 Artworks

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24 Artworks

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