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Tanya is an experienced Artist of Bulgarian origin who has been living and working in Paris/France for 18 years. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. She obtained a scholarship & a residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts, which brought her to Paris, where she stayed and made her artistic life. With very expressive and minimalist gestures, his work attracts the attention of Asian collectors. European and American collectors are attracted by the mixture of techniques and the sewing on the canvases. Sewing on the canvases becomes his “artistic signature”. His works are part of both Public & Private International collections. Tanya to create wonders: Where to start, where to end? "The trace" is the key notion that holds together its purpose in terms of Art. She is inspired by the desire to transform, confront and mix matters and materials. "All nature is subject to transformation, so is all research". Go beyond, I ask "only" to immerse myself in myself. This transformation is everyone's quest. The Abstract is my universe, the universal language. A new representation of what faces my feminine side. Questioning - "The limits of the observable, of a presence in the world, the way of inhabiting it".

  • Born Date: Not known

  • Bulgaria

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