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Drawing comes first in the creative process. It is a kind of notebook for the Artist. But a drawing can be an autonomous work, a finished work. In this series, I show such drawings. Most of them are in pen and ink technique. This technique allows for precision, differentiation of textures, and strong contrasts, even in a small format. The drawings are an integral part of my artistic work. My drawings are created in cycles. The first drawing inspires the next. Each technique offers possibilities for artistic expression. Figurative motifs dominate my prints. They are paintings about human relationships. The relationship between two people, especially between a man and a woman, is a special kind of relationship. Also, very inspiring. I am one of many Artists who express themselves on this subject. I create simplified figures, watching their contours come closer or further apart. The white of the background between them is an additional figure - its shape communicates their proximity or distance.

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20 Artworks

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20 Artworks

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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