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The series "TO BE OR NOT TO BE..." includes a few paintings, but new paintings appear occasionally. This series is a reflection, ideological, humanistic, and philosophical position. But as an Artist, I try to create an associative image that is accessible to interpretation and individual reading by each viewer. I do not want to impose my view and my thoughts. But I want to maybe "ASK QUESTIONS...." I think works of art should provoke thoughts and "ASK QUESTIONS", but not impose "ANSWERS". The world is multifaceted and changeable around us... So, the series contains different themes and therefore different concepts for each picture. “PRAYER.” The basic concept of this work is not religious in the direct understanding of the topic of prayer or repentance. This is a reflection on the essence of man, on his inalienable forever hidden within, fear of the world, and an attempt to find protection in the created images of gods and religions in a dialogue or monologue with the world. A poor body that bears the traces of this world and years lived, and the mind, seeking to find support and the meaning of being in something higher and more perfect. "ASH." is my thoughts on values, humanity, and grief of despair. This is an allegory, a figurative embodiment of a tormented hard fate, tired of tragedies and war, the UKRAINIAN LAND. “ADAM. SELF-CULT.” It is a reflection of the modern transformation of the image of masculinity. I am not trying to flesh out the image, I believe that Art should ask questions without answering them, so here I am speaking with symbols. (For example, dead birds symbolize female souls in the collection of an egoist, carried away by himself and new trends of progress) This image, of course, has no specific connection with religion, it is just the use of philosophy. "BURDEN." That's my metaphor for life's journey. An old fisherman, who has spent all his strength and lifetime trying to catch a large fish, cannot carry it, he is bent by sweat. Time is spent meanings and goals are gone and changed....

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11 Artworks

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