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Through different layers of paint that are added, covering and generating a new landscape, they are images that overlap as well as the messages they transmit and generate a new result. The use of gold and bright colors is to allude to the ideas that are mixed between the different interlocutors, since each one is looking to shine for itself and put concepts on top of others, to generate something new, creating a new co-constructed reality. Just like those scriptures that when superimposed on each other fail to establish a dialogue. People issue their opinions without listening to each other and are throwing their comments at others, without reading or seeing others, or others. This society of individual soliloquies does not engender agreements or consensus and without them, there is no possible form of community life great Artists and philosophers like Roberto Matta warned us, through his Open Cube theory, that the same fact or event could be looked at in very different ways. What invited the spectator to unfold the faces of his cube, since he imagined that he was inside it and extended all its sides, to reveal how many parallel psychological dimensions of that same reality arise when the cube stops being closed and opens. A plastic and existential initiative that I reinterpret, in my transparent cube, and if you get closer and look inside it, you will discover the same elements that characterize this production: plots, imaginary networks of being and the planet, entities that try to illuminate the diversity of glances of humanity.

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20 Artworks

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