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Margarita Garces was born in Santiago, a city that profoundly influenced her artistic outlook. She nurtured her talent by studying design at the prestigious Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Art at the Catholic University of Chile. However, the essence of her creativity is not limited to the university benches. Since 1996, Margarita Garcés has sought to perfect her art by taking part in workshops run by recognized masters. These include such eminent names as Bororo, Concepción Balmes, Arturo Duclos, and Matias Movillo. Through her creations, she skilfully explores the boundary between the tumult of chaos and the harmony of order. Her work is a quest to capture ephemeral movement in space, a dance between the familiarity of the known and the enigma of the unknown. Her canvases come to life spontaneously, shaped by the interaction of various elements—several layers of spray, water, and acrylic merge to form a painting of striking depth. The multiple nuances that emanate from her works create a rich and complex visual experience.

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  • Born Date: 1966

  • Chile

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