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The project “Is This Modern Society?” is a worldwide project created and led by the Artist Jupiterfab. It is a long-term, art-social initiative with the goal of inspiring personal reflection and raising awareness about the importance of finding a balance in the use of technology in our lives. Jupiterfab uses Art to stimulate social reflection and create a dialogue. Technology has drastically improved our lives in the last few centuries. In the last 50 years, it has evolved at an incredible pace. As a result, our habits and lifestyles have changed along with technological advances in important ways, with a lot of consequences, many positive, but some negative as well. The project started in 2016, at first through the creation of murals portraying people absorbed in their electronic devices. Moving from one country to another, Jupiterfab realized his Art was effective in creating a dialogue with its viewers, but it was also necessary to have a real dialogue between the Artist, people and institutions. Through this learning process, the project developed on two levels: Art and education. Jupiterfab creates murals, Art installations and Art exhibitions and jointly runs presentations, workshops and public talks. He collaborates with schools, universities, art centers, local governments, museums and debate centers in different cities and countries.

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20 Artworks

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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