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Haibat Balaa Bawab is a Lebanese Artist mainly known for her collages and for her Oil paintings. Haibat Balaa weaves narratives of Beirut and its people in her Oil paintings that are clones of collage. Born in the city and having lived in it all of her life, the day-to-day scenes have had an effect on her and were translated in the artworks through her own style of art. She concentrated on contrast in her collection fir example: Light/Dark, In/Out, Day/ Night… in a geometric colorful well constructed compositions. She works on building up strong compositions, expressive and unique in style. She composes figurative images using abstraction. Scenes from the village, the harvest and the old times come into her mind. Carpets, rugs and oriental tapestry are found as a reminder of times of serenity and relaxation and are thus a recurring theme in her artworks. Her mastery of technique allows her to see and analyze forms and proportions and to create very balanced compositions. She is sensitive for finding the moment but at the same time pays attention to preserve a style that is unique to her.

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35 Artworks

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35 Artworks

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