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" .... Follies are the only things you never regret". Oscar Wilde. Influenced by my years as a dancer in London, I drew my inspiration from the offbeat characters I met .... whose attitude was marked by poetry and violence .... always with a touch of madness .... Then, I created my work, according to my inspiration... that it is through the "Seven Deadly Sins", during which, I could express this violence while playing the partition of the enigma and the politically incorrect .... or in the mini - series on "The Flight of Time", narration tinted of surrealism and symbolism. Brewery and restaurant scenes have always fascinated me by their elusive mystery... All my paintings started with a very fleeting flash .... ... which had to be progressively set to music in order to obtain a complete image, which sometimes pushed me to make several images in order to reach the end of my dream .... which gave birth to mini-series .... I have always been attracted by unusual characters ("Les Parapluies Chinois", "L'invitation au voyage", "Les Grotesques") ...... The sulphurous: ("The three Bad Girls of the Bible: Judith and Holophern , Adam and Eve , The Dance of Salome ...." ) without forgetting the colourful characters ( " La Grosse Bertha , Soyons désinvoltes !!! , Circus - Le Dompteur " ) ....... My painting must be beautiful and terrible at the same time. No prettiness .... no superficiality .... no coherent explanation .... This is my mantra as an artist.

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36 Artworks

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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