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Born in 1954, Aude ALLONVILLE began working in the entertainment world in London for several years, before continuing in France and many European countries. "Through my painting, I reinvent the world..... It becomes a world made of fleeting visions captured in flight, stolen from time". I make you discover a reality without realism in order to disturb our certainties.Regularly exhibited in several Parisian galleries, numerous salons, where she is sometimes the guest of honor, she shows her work today, in an abundance of large, jubilant canvases, all in force expressive. There is movement, vibration in his presentations of strongly staged characters with a very professional sense of balance, shapes and colors. It's well-structured work that jumps out at you, for a hand-to-hand ball with the spectator, eye to eye. You have to let yourself be invited, the time of a frenetic dance of life, joyfully shared. Selected three consecutive years to participate in the Salon des Artistes Français - Grand Palais - Paris. , she is now a member .

  • Born Date: 1954

  • France

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" .... Follies are the only things you never regret". Oscar Wilde. Influenced by my years as a dancer in London, I drew my inspiration from the offbeat characters I met .... whose attitude was marked by poetry and violence .... always with a touch of madness .... Then, I created my work, according to my inspiration... that it is through the "Seven Deadly Sins", during which, I could express this violence while playing the partition of the enigma and the politically incorrect .... or in the mini - series on "The Flight of Time", narration tinted of surrealism and symbolism. Brewery and restaurant scenes have always fascinated me by their elusive mystery... All my paintings started with a very fleeting flash .... ... which had to be progressively set to music in order to obtain a complete image, which sometimes pushed me to make several images in order to reach the end of my dream .... which gave birth to mini-series .... I have always been attracted by unusual characters ("Les Parapluies Chinois", "L'invitation au voyage", "Les Grotesques") ...... The sulphurous: ("The three Bad Girls of the Bible: Judith and Holophern , Adam and Eve , The Dance of Salome ...." ) without forgetting the colourful characters ( " La Grosse Bertha , Soyons désinvoltes !!! , Circus - Le Dompteur " ) ....... My painting must be beautiful and terrible at the same time. No prettiness .... no superficiality .... no coherent explanation .... This is my mantra as an artist.

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