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In this collection, I present the diversity of my artistic creations. The series of works STRIPES shows that our life can be compared to bright colours. Sometimes dark, sometimes multicoloured. We don't know where today's colour intentions will lead us. We expect to be surprised and look forward to living this colourful life! Skulls' small NOW series shows how fast our life is going. TIME is an ILLUSION - only the NOW is real. Living in the HERE and NOW is the key to a happy life. This NOW series is an artistic reminder that the only time to be happy is NOW. I love that my art can make people smile. In 2008, I developed a brand new technique and created several works of Art from a special mortar that I mixed myself. This is how new and unique works of art were created, like small series of funny GOURMAND. "But what makes ALLA-ART really unique is the creation of new dimensions through light and structure. Alla GrAnde creates three-dimensional light effects by applying multiple layers of mortar and artistically bridges the gap between painting and sculpture, moving from the usual flat pop-art representation to bas-reliefs. She works meticulously on the composition of each layer. Each layer is given a different composition. Only when the relief has the desired plastic structure does she finalise her work by painting, patinating and finally sealing it.

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39 Artworks

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39 Artworks

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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