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Born in 1935, this painter of "Arts Déco" training became internationally known after more than 100 "personal" exhibitions, with a figurative painting whose success has never waned, in Europe as well as in the United States and Asia. He is listed in the I-CAC dictionaries BENEZIT and DELARGE In parallel to this work, and out of concern and desire for eclecticism, he has, for more than 50 years, been working on a form of painting stemming from "lyrical abstraction"... Starting from the principle that the pictorial compositions are brought, hung on the picture rails as on the walls of a living room, to fill the eyes of the amateurs, he does not fear to claim a concern of aestheticism... He takes particular care with the composition and the choice of colours, while sweeping the canvas with a gesture that seems to set his images in motion. He does not claim any message, reserving for himself the pleasure of painting, hoping that this pleasure will be shared by those for whom Art must, whatever the circumstances, bring moments of well-being and tranquillity...

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  • Born Date: 1935

  • France

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