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BD-038-16-Popeye "Une bouteille à la mer"







100 x 120 (cm)

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Studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Toulouse. In the 1990s he began a series of kinetic works revisiting the kinetic tradition with works of more reasonable dimensions, in a non-spectacular fashion. He uses ink and acrylic, uses a collage set of cut, folded or uncolored cardboard, volume effects, sometimes using egg wrappers. From 2003, while continuing to produce kinetic works, he created works in the Pop Art movement: Portraits of La Joconde, Marylin Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones ... and many others. For this, on these canvases he uses two or three pure colors which he arranges in flat areas, he places colored bands that refer to his kinetic work, thus recomposing the iconic portraits of these personalities. He revisits, paying tribute to them, paintings by Mondrian, Léger, Picasso's Women of Algiers series. It reinterprets the logo of the laughing cow by varying the colors. He also turns to the characters of B D: Mickey, The Simpsons, Popeye, the super heroes, Darth Wador, His works are very colorful often using solids of pure colors. His works have been or are exhibited in numerous galleries. In France Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Cannes Lille ... abroad Monaco, Geneva, Brussels, New York. Jean-Michel had the pleasure of participating in the 111 des arts de Toulouse in 2014. Many works by Jean-Michel GNIDZAZ are visible on his site, on his Facebook page Jean Michel Gnidzaz Art, and on Instagram. Jean-Yves Pujol

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