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The Red Kimono Design, Inc. collection could be described as both mid-century modern-meets-psychedelic abstraction, and surrealist figurative. Elena Disabato, founder, has created mostly abstract work since 2019. She also does cityscapes, pet portraits, figurative and representational work in a variety of media. There are two components to this collection: Unreal and Real. Abstraction is the theme of Unreal, breaking down uncommon objects into both linear and amorphous forms – sometimes combined in the same composition. The Real category depicts figurative work, usually intertwined with an object or animal that evokes an unsettled feeling within sometimes traditional depictions of figurative work. TECHNIQUES Oil on canvas or board and watercolor on paper or illustration board are Elena’s most common methods for creating art. Integrating metallics is her signature design move, bringing sheen andunexpected depth to her work. An often-used overlay technique incorporates Swarovski crystal rhinestones as a decorative yet integral finish. She also is adept at drawing cityscapes, portraits, and abstract work in charcoal, conte, pastel, China marker, ink, colored pencils, and graphite.

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34 Artworks

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34 Artworks

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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