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In multidimensional spaces are condensed most of the powers of the universe from 3d to 5th dimension. It is an exploration into our ability as human beings to reach higher level of expansion and awareness. When are able to travel in multidimensional spaces we can co-create with the universe a unified field where we embody Great Spirit essence. We are fully enlightened and ready to be on service on Mother Earth, connected with the infinity of galaxies and universes. In this space we are fully balanced human beings, caring and respecting ourselves, others, and our planet. Through this collection you make the experience of the power of water, earth, air, fire, void, and cosmic sexual force to create magic and alchemy in our hearts. You become open to give and receive, you are co-creating with highest forces from a space of beauty and grace.

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31 Artworks

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31 Artworks

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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