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All my mythological themes have this expressive mandate: they are syntheses of opposing tensions, distant dimensions, and also of historically distant artistic codes. They are overall explanations of what would be long and perhaps impossible to mean otherwise, because it has to do with the entire universe. Recourse to myth is neither classicism, nor manner, nor timeless evasion: it is being as ancient as the ancients before the cosmos (for the ancients the mythical tale illustrates the world), but to be so in the present. Even in the most minute, everyday present of our living. The figure that arises from the material chaos and through the sign is capable of giving order to the flow of discourse is capable of creating a compositional grid within a single pictorial plane where reality is not that of the object or the subject in space but that of the pictorial space in which the subject that determined the order lives. This recovery of reality took place through myth, it is there that I rediscovered the primordiality of languages and emotions.

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40 Artworks

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