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My practice is strongly autobiographical, considering challenging aspects of life, such as depression, addiction, and anxiety. Over the past decade I have worked predominantly in monochrome. I began working in pure white, in an attempt to express emotions without the influence of colour, later with the addition of occasional grey tones and pure black. More recently I have reintroduced colour, still often in monochrome. Movement is a key factor within my practice, an abstraction of fluid forms which depict my interest in the human condition. Elements of soulful musicality and dance are present in the work exploring the philosophy of the performer and reflecting on human vulnerability. Expressionistic yet controlled, muslin is thrown repeatedly and teased until the ethos of the piece is revealed. Using unique reliefs of muslin to create form, revealing eclectic, emotional expression through contorts of paint soaked fabric. This collection of work has continued to evolve over the past few years. Investigating ideas of finding one's strength through vulnerability, driven by an ongoing inquiry looking at the vulnerability that often appears to manifest within the lives of performing Artists. My intention is purely to capture and express the diversity and complexities of the souls I have observed.

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22 Artworks

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22 Artworks

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