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Private Museum is very honored that Mr. Patrick REYNOLDS wished to entrust us with 12 exceptional paintings of the Artist to create unique NFT. We thank Patrick for this trust. John Levee's Museum career is impressive, he is the guarantor of a solid, recognized work that is part of the history of Art. Historically, he can be linked to abstract expressionism for Artworks from 1950 to 1970. In the 70s and 80s, John Levee thought it was necessary to "arrive at being more disciplined in creation", hence the birth of this Hard Edge or constructivist and geometric period of his Artwork, which preceded and generated the writing that we know today. The abstract expressionism of John Levee has kept from this period a certain construction in the works. John Levee is part of the second school of Paris which is returning to the forefront of the world art scene. Does Art need the necessary hindsight of fifty years to conceptualize a movement? It is certain that in terms of the market, the value of these Artists will appreciate considerably in the years to come. I felt it was important for this first book on John Levee and this Catalogue Raisonné on the internet, to begin by establishing a complete biography, an indispensable basis for understanding the Artwork of this Artist, whose creations give us a sense of the rigor and intellectual purity inherent in a man of quality. I would like to thank in particular John Levee who granted me his trust and friendship by appointing me as an expert for his work and all the collectors whose works by the Artist are reproduced in the book John Levee Biography "Abstract Expressionism" - Patrick Reynolds Expert

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12 Artworks

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12 Artworks

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