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Looking at the paintings I have created in the "CAFÉS" collection, enter with me with the quiet curiosity of an onlooker who sits on the terrace or in the in the shade of a back room. There I create stories, encounters. There, through the murmurs, I imagine intimate and unmentionable secrets. There, I catch tender or indifferent glances, amused or sad, lively or lost in the vagueness of a suspended time. Strangely, the street enters the café with me. Its tags, its graffiti, the design of the buildings The street's tags, graffiti, and the design of the buildings are reflected in the café's posters, alcohol brands, and logos. As much as I flee from cafés where incontinent television sets spew out images and sounds in a continuous stream, I also flee from and sounds in a continuous stream, I like those where the muffled sounds of the outside enter lightly, mingling with those of the inside. which mingle with those of the inside... I began the bulk of this series of genre scenes in 2017. It now includes I started this series of genre scenes in 2017, and it now includes nearly fifty creations.

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39 Artworks

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39 Artworks

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