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Zoé Bayard said Zoé B is a French painter. Born in St Malo in 1968, she currently lives and works in Vendée. Since her earliest childhood, Zoé B creates. She starts by drawing, first. For hours, she pencils and carefully keeps her many drawings in a drawer, you never know. It was in adolescence that she took her first steps in watercolor. From then on, his taste for painting will become his base, his pillar and his privileged means of expression. In 1995, a personal event marked a turning point in her life as a woman. It is at this precise moment that Art becomes her refuge, her first therapy as she puts it so well. At the same time, she developed a passion for psychology and for humans. Zoé B then undertakes psychology studies and launches body and soul into a career as a psychoanalyst in Free Awakened Dreams. Captivated by her work, she devoted herself fully to this activity for more than ten years. Art takes a back seat. Despite herself. And yet… painting is a passion that never really dissolves. She knows it and feels it inside her. The days go by and painting takes back its rights until it occupies an increasingly important place. Zoé B then pursued a double career and organized in parallel with her psychoanalysis activities, her first self-taught exhibitions. Solo or in group exhibitions, she travels across France and participates in numerous exhibitions in order to present her creations to the public. His work has been rewarded and recognized by his peers three times: - 2020: Award of excellence - Salon de la Rochelle - 2020: First prize for painting Melusin'art- Vouvant - 2018: Audience Prize 2018 and 2nd Jury Prize Vent des Arts- Danvix It has been ten years now that Zoé B has put Art at the center of her life. Obviously, he has become his traveling companion, his indispensable. In 2018, she took the plunge: she stopped her activity to devote herself fully to her artistic career. Driven by an ever-present interest in psychology, the artist makes her universe "a vehicle of discovery and self-knowledge". It is with the series "MOVEMENTS OF LIFE" that the artist becomes known at the national level in 2018. Then, in 2020, his last series, "INFINITIF", opened the doors to the international scene with the presentation of his works in Taiwan, Germany and Denmark.

  • Born Date: Not known

  • France

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