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A multidisciplinary painter, he devoted himself to drawing and painting from an early age, learning different artistic techniques from books, devoting his entire childhood to figurative art. A first awareness, pushes him to touch the abstract Art, finding mine of treasures in this universe, mixture of feelings, colours, impressions. Without constraint, he assimilates information and retransmits it through different materials and techniques. With an exacerbated sensitivity, he is passionate about different subjects to compose his very heterogeneous universe. The brutal vision of the accidental loss of his father, pushes him to comfort himself in the Art, means to forget himself, and to build a soothing world. "A solitude in a vector dimension of my creations, which I fill as much as I can with imbricated images, to make a defined and rich world. His art: the awakening of consciousness, his personal development, fatherhood, and the beings that cross his path. His deep nature and his intimate garden that shows in his works, an artistic freedom, a quantum world, for him it is the quantum abstract". Eléonore de Rheins

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  • Born Date: 1985

  • France

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