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Wael Darwish was born in Cairo in 1975 and graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in 1998. He is a professor of drawing and painting in the same faculty from graduation to current date. He holds a doctorate degree in Contemporary Painting Philosophy as well as a Master’s degree in painting and drawing. Darwish has a long career in visual Arts spanning over the period of more than twenty-five years. Darwish is a multidisciplinary Artist who uses painting, video and installation art to articulate his observations of political and socioeconomic change and their effect on the contemporary man. His artistic journey is based locally and expands to include the Middle East region and worldwide. The Artist has also held twenty-one solo exhibitions so far and also has a track record of achievements at all professional levels at the level of international exhibitions. He has participated with his Artworks in more than one hundred international exhibitions. The Artist has also received many awards at the local and international levels. His Artworks constitute a realistic study of the reaction of contemporary society with all its problems and their effects on contemporary humanity. His artistic style relies on trends from surrealism, symbolism and color expressionism, and the human element constitutes the axis for building artistic work on the basis that human is the center of build.

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  • Born Date: 1975

  • Egypt

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