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Raised until the age of 23 in Argentina, she moved to Italy with a scholarship in the sustainable architecture sector. Since her childhood she has been attracted to every form of Art: from singing, to ceramics, to theatre, to dancing, to writing and to architecture, which will become her profession for many years, together with teaching at universities and schools. She has designed zero-emission buildings and won several architecture competitions. A convinced ecologist, she worked for 20 years in two important Italian environmental associations. In 2016 she started painting every day and never stopped and this is how the Artist inside her was born. Rothko's work had a great influence on her work, as she understood how colors could influence the human soul. She created many works of art, many of which were sold around the world. She works with oil, acrylic, pastels, chalk, ink and many other materials on canvas, wood, and paper. Her works range from figurative expressionism to abstract expressionism. A painting that comes from the search for the power of colors, which speak and affect the affections and which testifies to her path, starting from her country of origin, Argentina, and enriched during his numerous travels around the world and in the cities where she lived: Buenos Aires, Urbino, Rome, Milan and Piacenza, where she currently resides. The creative act itself helped her better understand who she is and improve her life. This new person she is today, thanks to Art, deserved another change. That of having another name. So the architect Patricia Ferro transformed into the artist Thia Path, a name that combines two passions: on the one hand, her playful, childish, creative, free, curious side, represented by Tia Pat, as she has always been called by her Argentine grandchildren and on the other the addition of the h after the two t's in homage to her master, Mark Rothko. So Path which, coincidentally, in English means path, is a new road that he has begun to travel. Thia Path has exhibited in Paris, Milan, Rome, Zurich, Miami, New York, Berlin, Piacenza, and Zug, is present in private collections around the world, and is present in the most important online art galleries.

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  • Italy

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