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Ted Barr was born in Neodar, Romania, and later immigrated to Israel. He served in the Israeli army for 26 years, becoming a Major. After his army service, Barr pursued studies in Symbolism, Buddhism, Ancient Egypt, Numerology, and Kabbala, and earned an M.B.A. in marketing. He also received private art lessons and held his first exhibition in 2001. His Art focuses on deep space, celestial elements, and the development of life. Barr uses a personal symbol instead of signing his name on his canvases and represents his life philosophy written in his FLY book. Barr has since exhibited his artworks in New York, Montreal, Palo Alto, Perugia, Guadalajara, Detroit, Chianciano Terme, Cannes, Seoul, Eindhoven, Athens, Miami, Toronto, Venice, Kathmandu, Jaipur, Udaipur, Berlin, Mumbai, Dallas, Delhi, and Paris.

  • Born Date: 1957

  • Israel

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