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She works and lives in New Aquitaine, France. First solo exhibition in Paris in 1981 She holds a master's degree in plastic arts, graduated from the Institut Académique de Paris, and was named Chevalier Académie Greci Marino Italy. Her works are part of public and private collections (Morocco, Spain, Antilles Switzerland, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan...) Exhibitions in numerous galleries, shows and institutions in France and abroad. After several years of work on paint paste (pigments, linseed oil), my first personal exhibition in Paris in 1981, she oriented my work towards fluidity and transparency. From 2006, she decided to amplify the play of transparencies and to play more with the reflections and the lights. Her favorite medium thus became synthetic glass (100 x 100 cm sheets painted on both sides). Instead of oil paints, she uses epoxy resin, which is poured onto the support and into which she introduces inks and pigments. The surface is shiny, solid and has different thicknesses depending on the superposition of the films of the colors worked within the resin. Since mid 2015, after this experience on synthetic glass, the return to canvas was a natural choice. The resin having proved its worth (paintings installed outdoors: Arcachon seafront, Sarlat lanes, Villandraut castle...) she uses the same technique on canvas and wood. Her experience on synthetic glass allows her to anticipate the effects produced, to be able to drive and control them.

  • Born Date: 1955

  • France

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My sources of inspiration are inspired by Nature in the broadest sense: cosmic, microscopic, earthly, aquatic, human. It is life that interests me. I propose a work all in nuances of diaphanous films, hoping to touch the viewer, to offer him all the poetry of the play of forms, colors and lights so that he weaves secret links with Nature and reconnects with his imagination, his humanity, his essence, his partiality. My supports vary: canvas, wood or Plexiglas. First I color my resin by mixing one or more pigments in several preparations. Then, after having poured it on my support, I add different liquid pigments and different colored inks to the previously prepared resin as it sets. The complete polymerisation of the resin takes 15 days. I use glue spatulas of different widths as painting tools, which allow me to stretch and even turn my prepared colors. I draw shapes inside the resin with different wooden sticks, in an imaginary and always renewed calligraphy of the space. I work in different formats, also small formats of 20 x 20 cm. They are talismans and have within them all the power of the images they suggest or carry. It is a question of space, of being, of the cosmos, of childhood, of memories and of those times of life that are specific to each of us. "When delight stirs the feelings, the impenetrable wall between the consciousness and subconscious melts for a split second, and the mind fills with wonder that cannot be rendered into words. Each work of art by Sylvie Gedda brings to the surface special facets of the enigmatic worlds that lie behind the curtain of so-called reality." Ekat Rin author (2020)

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