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Captain Stjepko Mamić is a painter and ship's captain, born on March 17, 1958 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the city where he currently lives and works. His singular paintings, with dazzling and vibrant colors, filled with light and positive energy, are created using energetic spatula or brush movements on linen canvas. He uses different media for his creations such as oil paint, acrylic paint enriched with pigments, paint for glass and ceramics, sometimes in combination with dazzling effects of gold and silver leaf. After thirty years of maritime service, during which he exercised as a long-term captain in the merchant navy and circumnavigated the globe seven times, he returned to his home port, his native city of Dubrovnik, and to his first love, painting. Today, he is settled there and works as an independent painter. Besides the fact that he painted all his life, and while he was still in college and high school, he was preparing to enter the Academy of Fine Arts. At the crossroads of life paths, he made the choice of maritime transport, out of love for the sea which is in his blood and the desire to perpetuate the family tradition. He continued his maritime studies in Dubrovnik and London at the Nautical Institute where he obtained the highest qualifications. However, he never gave up painting. He immersed himself in the seas and oceans traveled, underwater worlds and landscapes to transmit them on canvas. He perfected his pictorial technique in Italy at the Academy of Art in Florence, under the direction of Professor Sonia De Francesci and in France at the Académie de Port-Royal in Paris, under the direction of Professors Jean Maxime Relange and Dina Pickard.

  • Born Date: 1958

  • Croatia

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