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Stella de BELLIGNY

Stella de BELLIGNY

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Rhythms - Vibrations - Shifts - Transparencies. Emerge from chaos. Stella de Belligny begins by creating a chaos that will become the raw material of her work. She gradually restores the balance she seeks, playing with order and disorder, light and dark, movement and calm. Stella brings us to a border between the figurative and the abstract. The nervous or light line, the erasures, the transparencies, create an illusion in the perception of the work which will be specific to each one. “I only stop when my work feels alive to me.” His mixed technique, mainly presented on canvas, evolves towards a work of matter centered on an environmental reflection. It goes through the search for new techniques, new lights. The path is interior, personal. But it is meant to meet the beholder. Revealed on the canvas, it is through it that energy is exchanged. Stella de Belligny feels close to chaos theorists: "The richness of the beauty of the world results from a subtle mixture of chaotic phenomena and others which are not".

  • Born Date: Not known

  • France

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