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“Painting is another way of keeping a Diary” by Pablo Picasso. A quote that has an influence on Sonaly's paintings who is primarily a figurative Artist. The quick and easy availability of information at the click of a button has changed the way we live and our relationships. The Diary of Sonaly's life is filled with experiences of such evolving relationships between men and women, which she portrays through her works. Sonaly uses perfect symmetrical forms like squares, rectangles, checks, and butterflies in Pop Art style, to cover her human figures thereby symbolizing the strive for constant improvement and perfection of the contemporary human race. Her paintings portray the relationships of 21st-century men and women, their emotions, and chemistry. They manifest and exemplify the kind of complete freedom exercised by both genders, in the present times. Sonaly’s style is very fresh and has been profoundly appreciated, accepted, and sold internationally. Sonaly sees herself as a bold Artist of the present and future era. She is inspired by artists like Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Dale, Andy Warhol, Amrita Shergil, and many others. Sonaly is an internationally established contemporary Artist, presently based out of India. She has been painting for the last three decades and has been part of over 100 art shows, locally and internationally. She has exhibited her works in some of the world’s most popular Art Shows, including ArtExpo New York, Miami River Art Fair, Paris Art Fair, and many more. Her shows in India and Overseas have received tremendous appreciation and have been very successful. Her works have also been featured in various newspaper articles and publications. Many of Sonaly’s paintings have been sold to renowned private collectors and interior designers in India, New York, Miami, Boston, London, Milano, and many more.

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  • Born Date: 1974

  • India

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