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Born in Norway, Sol Kjøk lives at and runs Mothership NYC, the Brooklyn arts collective she founded in 2005. After studies in Paris, Athens (GA), Vienna, Medellín and Cincinnati that earned her three graduate degrees in humanities, she obtained an MFA in painting at Parsons School of Design in New York. An avid drawer all her life, Kjøk’s work has been featured in 100+ shows worldwide. She has held artist residencies in several countries, taught at universities and art schools and lectured at museums and art centers throughout the US. Her work, which originates as performance, is featured in Drawing Essentials (Oxford University Press), a textbook widely used in fine arts programs in the US. A recipient of more than 50 awards and artist’s grants, Kjøk is represented in public collections such as the Cincinnati Art Museum, Teckningsmuseet [the Nordic Museum of Drawing], and the Osten Museum of Drawing, as well as numerous private and corporate collections throughout the world.

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  • Born Date: 1968

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This collection is like a box of chocolates: a Sol sampler containing paintings and drawings from three series, each a chapter in an ongoing story of constant flux and cyclical time. These intertwined bodies floating in space are a visual expression of what our intuition already knows: all living things are interconnected. We are oneness having the experience of separateness; each one of us serving as a portal through which the universe observes itself. Since every figure I depict is a real person in my life appearing and reappearing in my work over decades, I also see this imagery as a contemplation of the concept of reincarnation: “Every lifetime, we meet the same circle of souls, to say thank you or to say sorry, and once again exchange our roles." (From ‘Amen’ by Gogol Bordello, my favorite New York gypsy punk band.)

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