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The Artist, Shev Lunatic (Yevgeniya Shevchuk), was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1995. At the age of 3, she came to Germany with her family and settled in Dusseldorf after numerous stints in Southern France. In 2014, Shevchuk studied communication design at the Institute of Design in Dusseldorf. Yevgeniya Shevchuk‘s talent was recognized during her childhood and promoted in the form of private lessons from the young age of 5. Shevchuk‘s thirst for creativity blew up with an encounter with a gallery owner from Monaco. She adopted the name Shev Lunatic and has been working as a freelance Artist since 2016. Shev Lunatic is a young passionate Artist who creates pieces in the fields of Urban Art and Fine Art. Well connected and represented by agencies in Paris, London, Berlin, and Düsseldorf she has already made a name for herself in the industry. By introducing Street Art and Tattooing into the B2B Network she has already worked for clients such as 25hours Hotel Company, the British Army (26th Regiment Royal Artillery), The Michelin Guide, Tommy Hilfiger & TCL Electronics. She also had the honor to personally portray well-known people like Elon Musk live for Vodafone, during the Axel Springer Awards in 2020, using the 5G Robot arm named Franka.

  • Born Date: 1995

  • Ukraine

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