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Romain Dorez is an artist born in 1989 based in France whose paintings have been presented in personal and group exhibitions nationwide and in collections around the world. His vibrant works are a fusion of varied artistic movements, modern and traditional, resulting in a decidedly contemporary style with references to pop culture. Romain Dorez favors acrylic and spray paint on various media, including canvas, signage, concrete blocks or barrels.

  • Born Date: 1989

  • France

Artist Collections

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Urban Figuration is a collection mixing the pop culture of my childhood, the history of art which accompanies me since the time of my studies and the urban arts which represents the quintessence of the art; to convey emotions to the greatest number thanks to its accessibility. This also defines what I think an NFT is. You can easily see Scrooge or SpongeBob with references to the works of René Magritte or Egon Schiele in a colourful and urban style.

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