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Richard Solstjärna born in Sweden lives in Berlin, Germany. Abstract painter. “Humanity shares a common experience. Influenced by Life itself my Art; the themes and allegories deal with what it is to be human. Consciousness, Psychology, Interior Worlds, Mythology, Nature themes, and Astrophysics are my topics. Magic, Wonders, and Mystery surround us. Imagination is key. In my paintings the Energy and Forces which are immanent in Nature are visualized. Forces at work in maximum self-sufficiency. Primary, undiluted, full of tension. Never at ease always in the moment. A pulse in rhythm and rhyme. Emerging from a Void, an emptiness and silent space which is the source of its origin." Exhibitions in Europe, New York, and Odessa (Ukraine). Including Solo, group exhibitions, Art Fairs, and Biennales. Won Prizes and Awards during the years. Represented in international Art dictionaries and art books. International Press and media coverage over the years. Represented in Private, Corporate, and Gallery collections.

  • Born Date: Not known

  • Sweden

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