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Contemporary Canadian artist based in Laval, Quebec, working in a variety of mediums. Randa's work has been recognized by critics, art historians and collectors for highlighting many humanitarian issues, all in a harmonious and unique presentation. She is recognized by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Quebec Painters and Sculptors Circle 2020, she has received certificates of appreciation from the Canadian government and the Canadian House of Commons 2021, she was selected and honoured by the mayor of the city where she resides (on International Women's Day) as one of the seven most effective women in Canadian society 2021, she has received numerous awards for her work which has been exhibited in many countries around the world, the last being the silver medal at an international exhibition in Paris 2021. Won a competition to design a monument owned by Lions Clubs International District-U1, to be placed in a square in Canada 2022.

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  • Born Date: 1978

  • Syria

Artist Collections

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This collection is the result of my collaboration with Lions Clubs International to express the six main humanitarian goals of Lions Clubs (fighting hunger and poverty - protecting the environment - diabetes - childhood cancer - visually impaired - autism) I started working on achieving these goals by producing huge paintings that deeply touch everyone with the same compassion and the same human feeling. It is talk about the poor and vulnerable around the world and the help and happiness that lions provide, just like giving back their strength and their heartbeat.

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This collection of my solo exhibition it is supposed to be in 2020 in Abu Dabi UAE and it cancelled a cause of Covid-19 It reflects the important event that is taking place in Dubai, which is the DubaiExpo2020 It has the important symbol of the UAE, which is the falcon, along with some country-specific symbols, in addition to the symbol of ExpoDubai, which is an archaeological ring specific to the UAE.

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