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Born in Haskovo, Bulgaria in 1962. Forced migration in 1989 led her to settle in Gebze, Turkey. For 6 years, I took various courses (run by government and private organizations) in the field of arts. In 2006, my work in figurative and landscape art, paying attention to light and aesthetic phenomena, became professionalized. During this period, I continued to search for my own personal style. Most recent works; based on the reception of energy due to the love of the universe, with concrete connotations in abstract contemporary art having various symbols and at this precise moment having external expressions of emotions. In addition, in front of abstract stains/spots, one can see figures with strong effect and in cosmic associations, with different technical richness, improvised visualizations are created. This can be seen in the past and so far "JOURNEY OF HOPE" of the artist's works and it encourages people to rediscover themselves...

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  • Born Date: 1962

  • Turkey

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