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After studying Fine Arts at Dawson College(Montreal), I furthered my education at OCAD(Toronto), specializing in editorial illustration. Equipped with a refined style and a keen eye for visual storytelling, I embarked on my career as an illustrator. My work caught the attention of prestigious publications such as American Illustration, Communication Arts, and Spotlight Magazine, leading to widespread recognition and appreciation. Additionally, I had the privilege of collaborating with renowned publications such as Sports Illustrated, The Atlantic Monthly, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Time Magazine, and many more, showcasing my captivating illustrations to a global audience. The quality of my work was acknowledged when both Sports Illustrated and BusinessWeek honored me by adding some of my illustrations to their permanent collections. Driven by a desire to expand my skill set, I enrolled at Seneca College of Technology(Toronto), where I studied animation. This opened up new avenues for me in the field of motion graphics, enabling me to bring my illustrations to life through captivating animations. Building upon my newfound expertise, I embarked on a career as a concept artist and interface designer in the United States. This role allowed me to contribute to the creation of immersive gaming experiences. Following my successful tenure in the gaming industry, I transitioned into the dynamic realm of theme park design. As a concept artist, I had the opportunity to shape awe-inspiring attractions and bring fantastical worlds to life. My creative contributions were recognized through various awards and accolades. Despite these achievements, my passion for fine arts has always remained strong. I continue to push the boundaries of my artistic abilities, challenging conventions and offering fresh perspectives through my thought-provoking pieces.

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  • Born Date: 1963

  • Canada

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