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In the 50s and 60s, art was not referred to as a profession but as a hobby. Yet I felt I loved art. I passed my CAP, I did an extra year specialised in molding. When I left the vocational college, I went to the foundry. Then military service, and at the end of it, there was no question of returning to the hell of the foundry. What was the alternative? IT was born! I worked in this profession for 38 years, and then I retired. Finally free to spend my time! The goal was to find an activity that fascinated me, that made me want to express myself. Art was the ideal goal, but what art? I looked for an Art school near my home. I enrolled in a sculpture course, I understood that I had to insist. After three years of studying, I had to take a step forward, the desire to create was there! The idea came to highlight the woman in her most total freedom, to dress her in jeans, a universal and timeless garment, to reveal her sensuality with everyday gestures, but also to create visual imagination, while keeping the realism. In 2016, I met Mrs Norma Bessières (Painter) during an exhibition, she encouraged me to continue and to realize my works in bronze. Yes! I return to the foundry 50 years later.

  • Born Date: 1947

  • France

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