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A Catalan painter, it was in 2010 that this atypical artist freed himself from the contingencies of a hectic life and took the measure of his path, which he has been successfully tracing since his early youth. Perrotte considers each of his works as a personal adventure, as a new field of exploration and sharing. Fulfilled, he happily displays a surprising capacity for creation. Far from academic conventions, his singular pictorial work is expressed in abstraction. A form that imposes itself on him as a matter of course. Today, his aim is the unknown, the never seen, the unheard of. The non-figurative paintings that emerge from the human mind transcend reality. In his compositions, this metaphysical idealism, tinged with romanticism, is served by a formal discipline, charged with symbols. The static constructions of his early work have given way to subtle pictorial formulations of movement that question the viewer. In their semantic function, the signs disseminated by the painter harmonise with each other. With this contemporary writing, the artist intends to make the "spectator's soul" vibrate. However emotional his art may be, one can detect philosophical suggestions from which each person can imagine a path. In Perrotte's work, backgrounds, shapes and lines create opulent associations of colours. His abstract canvases thus become sensitive, living surfaces that offer a new perception of relief. A magical atmosphere emanates from them, bathed in joy, poetry and serenity.

  • Born Date: 1946

  • France

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