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Growing up in an artistic environment, Kuala Lumpur-based Peisy Ting did not set out to be an artist. Still, a lingering affection for art and design led her to graduate with a degree in Visual Communications in the UK. Upon returning to Malaysia, she spent over a decade and a half as an art director in the advertising industry before taking a heartfelt leap to pursue her hidden passion for painting. As a self-taught artist, Peisy seeks to blend and flow articulating visions through her brush as she translates these experiential emotions into physical forms. Her ingenuity permeates through the canvas, as her bold choice in commissioning dark colours to her paintings evokes myriad emotions that viewers simply can’t brush aside. Peisy’s work has been displayed in shows in London, the US, South Korea and Bangkok.

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  • Born Date: 1975

  • Malaysia

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