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"The bodies I paint suggest the feelings I cannot verbalise. Olivier TALON is an award-winning and highly-rated French artist who explores the elegance of the human body through paintings that move back and forth between figurative and abstract art. His superimposed colors express the different aspects, more or less subjective, of the human soul. Sometimes very textured, the coated canvas is abused, scraped, sanded and the superimposed colors are expressed with force.

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  • Born Date: 1972

  • France

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This collection includes the major works of Olivier TALON, painted between 2014 and 2022 on the theme of the human body. We find here, for example, the characteristic white flat areas that eat away at bodies and faces in reference to the progressive loss of memory. This interpretation is the result of introspection that allows him to understand the reasons for his need to paint. His artistic approach is a journey that starts from him and comes back to him.

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