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Born to a ceramist mother and an architect father, both Beaux-Arts graduates, Natacha Gillot has always been immersed in Art and creation. She first drew on and passed on her creativity as an artistic director, but she has always had paintbrushes in her hand. A common thread always guides Natacha's approach. She needs to question the purpose of her work to take it further. She paints to arouse emotion. She explores, creates, and searches deep within herself for her feelings so that her painting has meaning beyond its beauty. Working with texture, always at the heart of her explorations, adds an extra dimension to her work. Each of her canvases evokes the word "depth", which alone defines her personality: depth of feeling, self-sacrifice, material, of creativity... Her creative process finds inspiration in nature. Natural elements form the basis of his abstract and poetic pictorial universe. Natacha Gillot's Art is a quest for meaning and an invitation to introspection.

  • Born Date: 1963

  • France

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Our founders have combined their experiences and passions in Art and Blockchain.

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