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Feuilloley tears away the veil of appearances, to put us in a state of "Real Presence", according to Georges Steiner's formula, presence to the world and to ourselves. She is an artist of illusion through the play of metamorphoses and anamorphoses who shows us her characters for what they mean, and no longer for what they are. She certainly deceives us with a technique worthy of the Flemish masters, in the realism of her landscapes which make them magical theatres. Surrealist like Salvador Dali, whose precision of line she shares, her message intrigues and challenges before finding its way into the soul of her audience. No one escapes the eloquence of the looks of her refined bodies. His works have the spontaneity of a sketch taken on the spot, the freshness of a flap of Iris scarf. A suspended rhythm animates her compositions, which the eye enjoys following and which we expect to see dancing. Humour and off-beatness are often combined with a spiritual inspiration, reminiscent of William Blake's visions. Combining lightness and power, Myriam Feuilloley symbolises the tenderness of the valleys embedded in the cliffs of her native Caux. Jean-Alain JUTTEAU

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  • Born Date: 1960

  • France

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