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Morgan Bisoux, a hyper-realist painter living in Belgium, fell in love with drawing at a very young age until she perfected her skills in this medium. The supple material of oil paint then came to complete her gesture and become the heart of her approach. Sensitive to ecology, she devotes a series to the representation of empty gold-coloured cans crushed in different ways. This waste, highlighted to the point of being the painted subjects of her AFTERPARTY collection, questions our daily consumer behaviour. Taking a step closer to the metallic material, she composes entirely golden paintings reproducing precisely crumpled gold paper, yet bordering on abstraction. The human face and its expressiveness fascinate the artist who creates hyper-realistic portraits with a fairy-tale touch thanks to the intense colours of the iridescence and the elements that compose them such as satin drapes, glittering jewels or luxuriant vegetation. Morgan Bisoux represents these multiple subjects always with the same brilliance and it is with dexterity that the Artist tames the paint and the reflections of the light, the pearly shadows and the rainbow colours which result from it.

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A collection of hyper-realistic oil paintings depicting empty gold cans crushed in different ways. This series of works evokes the festivities and light-hearted revelry of everyday life while poetically revealing our contradictory attitudes.

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Fascinated by the brilliance of gold and its reflections, the Artist represents this material and its folds in oil paint with precision. The resulting ultra-bright psychedelic landscapes verge on the abstract and open the door to a parallel universe.

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