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I was born in a small city in Argentina surrounded by countryside in a family that migrated from Italy. Although my education was marked by Italian culture and without having any indigenous background in my family, my works have some peculiarities of the native ethnicity of these lands, the small marks that extend across the canvas. Perhaps because I grew up surrounded by nature, by large expanses of land, surrounded by freedom, my works are mostly large. Even though I studied Interior Design at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, from a very young age I began the path of painting. It was the experience of studying at the Accademia de Arte de Verona, Italy, which made me understand that I wanted to dedicate myself exclusively to this. The most notable particulars of my works are the vivid colours. Although I have tried to paint in neutrals, my heart has its own palette, and I cannot make it listen to reason. I currently live in Ancona, Italy, after having lived in various cities such as Milano, Verona, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Rosario and my hometown Ceres, in Argentina.

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