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Mila Veljac'a is known for her figurative paintings and drawings that depict people, interiors and landscapes in an often surreal environment, combining scenes of everyday life with the absurd in a new way. Mila Veljac'a is a visual Artist from Croatia. She trained at art academies in Croatia, Vienna, Salzburg and Stuttgart and has passed on her expertise for several years as a teacher of visual Arts. Mila Veljac'a's varied work includes oil paintings on canvas and on paper. Her focus is on painting, which reveals a predilection for figurative and abstract elements. Mila Veljac'a's complex and mysterious pictorial worlds lie somewhere between reality and fiction, the possible and the impossible. In her works, the Artist initiates a dialogue about modern man, his environment and human relations. The result is scenes full of suggestive power that emotionally involve the viewer. For some years now, Mila has been working on natural linen as a painting medium. In many of her paintings, she leaves the material exposed and dissolves the pictorial surfaces. The process of destruction is thus an elementary component of her work. The different planes that appear on the surface develop an extraordinary three-dimensionality. Mila Veljac'a's works are represented in public and private collections. She has been successful in renowned galleries, art houses and art fairs. Private collectors, the state of Vorarlberg, municipalities, public institutions and banks have acquired her works worldwide. Member of : Künstlerhaus Thurn & Taxis in Bregenz. Today, Mila Veljac'a lives as an independent artist with her family in Vorarlberg (Austria).

  • Born Date: 1959

  • Austria

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