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I started painting at the age of 30. I travelled a lot during 10 years in Africa: Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya where I was inspired by tribes like the Massai with their exceptional pigments. Mexico has been a great inspiration for me as the mystic feast of the dead with its colours, its fluorescent pigments, it is simply magic. The Santo Domingo church in Oaxaca has inspired me a lot, I put crosses in all my paintings. Like the dollars for good luck, the Baraka. I love Marrakech for its scents and Jaipur for its magic and its architecture and I will finish with Mykonos for the deep blue of the sea and the white of the Isla Blanca . I lived in Bali for 7 years when the island was so beautiful and the Balinese such an exceptional people, I had my own painting gallery on Oberoi street. I have been living in France for 5 years now in the Luberon in Murs.

  • Born Date: 1971

  • France

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