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Marie Serruya is a French visual artist, who develops all her imagination, and represents human comedy through different artistic expressions. She is an actress, visual artist, sculptor and director. Coming from a family of artists, her childhood was rocked by the successive discovery of theater, cinema, photography, drawing, painting, the creative process, fashion, music ... She has developed a keen sense of observing the world around her, the source of her multifaceted expression. Marie left school at 16 and began a professional acting career at the age of 17. Inspired by the theater, masks and faces, his portraits modeled in clay, enamels, watercolor, gouache, gold leaf, bronze, video and other media, miniature or gigantic, static or animated, constitute the guiding principle of his work. His approach is marked by his need to put the public in action through his works. She carries out work aimed at developing total interactivity between the viewer and the work and uses humor and play as a primary means of expression. A work in perpetual gestation. Represented by Galerie A. Heidi Leigh, AFA NYC

  • Born Date: 1997

  • France

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