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Always in creative effervescence, Marie Beltrami is a designer, visual artist who lives and works in Paris. She exhibits her glorious chaotic style, her amazing creations and her rich work of original and renewed aesthetic experiences, jewelry, dresses, accessories, drawings, photos, sculptures, performances in Paris, London, New York and Shanghai. Addicted to singularity, because his singularity is all his freedom... This creator transforms everything she touches into dreamlike chaos and constantly challenges the world to reinvent itself. Its operation is the feeling, the instinct of the moment, the intuition of an emotion which passes through flashes, revelations with a particular attraction for the forbidden meanings... It was in 1978 that it launched in jewelery and fashion accessories with neon pink lobster, colored pencils, necklaces and nail clips, Flagship GS bag, metro ticket bag, Nelcha in evazotte, hula hoop bag, curved plastic earrings... Today, after 18 years of a glorious collaboration with Jean-Paul Goude, she has found her life again. of jewelry designer. In 2014, the Louiz eLisabet mouse was born in gold or silver, a wild success that has not been denied since, and available in rings, signet rings, earrings... Followed by other jewels, all more inventive each other and faithful to the visionary spirit of this artist from elsewhere... Words are also one of her great passions, with a formidable story, a Literary Object Unidentified by her literary invention, according to some professionals in the profession: inga binga, or the seismic odyssey of a heroine who must save the world.. .

  • Born Date: 1947

  • France

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