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You can say about me that I am a man of the world. Born in the USSR, I graduated from a music school and a college in piano. In Estonia, in the city of Tallinn, I graduated from the Academy of Music and Theater. Then I moved to Latvia, where I worked as a piano teacher. In the same place, in Riga, I began to get involved in painting and attend the lessons of the famous Latvian artist Artur Nikitin. Further fate led to Germany, the city of Bremen. Doing business, I did not interfere with the passion for drawing. Attended private lessons. Graduated from design school. For the last 20 years I have been living and creating in Cyprus. I created my own unique style and technique of drawing. Participated in several international exhibitions. My paintings reflect my inner world and my attitude, which are filled with bright colors, optimism and love of life.

  • Born Date: 1962

  • Germany

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