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Louise Hapton is a young French writer and contemporary Artist based in London. She is currently studying Fine Art at the University of Westminster. The eighteen-year-old Artist has published her literary and visual work in magazines and books from an early age. Louise is a mixed-race (Caribbean), queer, and neurodivergent Artist who explores her own issues with a brush and clay. She has made many iconic collections such as Of Does and Men (feminist anthropomorphism), Mariage Frères, 5 years 5 psych wards (chronicling her time in hospital as a child and what caused it), Drooling Eyes, Things I Wish I Could Say I Like (erotic/kinky series). and many more. Her work has been exhibited extensively in Europe, the United States, and in galleries and online platforms. Louise Hapton's Artworks are alive - one thing is for sure: they are not decoration. Her 2D and 3D works take you through her psychotic young woman's hopes, dreams, desires, struggles, and wounds.

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  • Born Date: 2004

  • France

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